Soft Tissue Paper/Toilet Roll

Double A Global Paper Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer of Soft Tissue Paper with a super lightweight paper type usually made from recycled paper pulp. The term ‘tissue paper‘ covers a wide range of different products including paper towels, toilet tissue, facial tissues, wrapping tissue, and many more.


Double A Global Paper Co.,Ltd is a an exporter of Soft Tissue Paper/Toilet Roll is a very specialized product manufactured from 100% recycled waste paper. It is mainly used for Napkin, Fancy wrapping & packing and Deep Coloring for Decorative papers. We stand in the midst of distinguished tissue paper manufacturers and suppliers based in the Thailand.

Properties: Key properties are absorbency, basis weight, thickness, bulk (specific volume), brightness, stretch, appearance and comfort.

We produce Soft Tissue Paper/Toilet Roll and Facial tissue (paper handkerchiefs) of soft, absorbent, disposable paper that is suitable for use on the face.

Specifications of Soft Tissue Paper/Toilet Roll

1. Modern factory
2. Soft Bathroom Tissue
3. Flexible toilet roll

Pulp Toilet Roll  tissue paper
roll paper, toilet paper:
1. free of paper powder
2. easily dissolved in water
3. better water absorption and tensile strength

Our advantages of our tissue paper

1) comfortable and environment-friendly product
2) scientific and safe sterilization
3) factory direct sale, various design, good quality, fair prices.
4) strict quality control
5) can be customized as your requirement toilet paper

Acid free tissue is ideal for wrapping clothing, albums and other keepsakes before storage or transport because it is free of the acids that cause deterioration over time and damage the items it is in contact with. Our premium tissue is a translucent, thin tissue paper is ideal for wrapping and cushioning items. Many retailers use tissue to wrap delicate merchandise in folded or crumpled layers of tissue paper to protect it before placing it in bags or boxes for the customer.

Description: Luxe very fine soft translucent paper stock. super thin

GSM: 18gsm or 25gsm

Form: Sheets and Rolls

Print: Custom Print Available 1 or 2 color.

-We have 12 years experience of Facial Tissue Paper manufacturing, this is our expert product.
-We have 2 x auto converting lines of Soft Luxury Facial Tissue Paper product with log-saw and auto packing machines, large volume manufacturing ability for cost saving and quality keeping.
-The tissue have enough wet-strength material so it is ultra-absorbent.
-Made from 100% wood pulp raw material. Ultra-soft tissue, soft tissue standard, or made from mixed material for cost saving.
-We can manufacture wood pulp material tissue with FSC certificated documents.
-Or we can use mixed material for cheap choice.
-Our take care of the each sheets’quality.

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