BBQ Peach papers

BBQ Peach Papers Wholesale. Pink / peach butcher paper retards the loss of moisture when cooking. It is approved for BBQs and smoking meats, and it will not trap moisture. It allows the meat to breathe through the paper, ensuring a smoky flavor when using to cook.

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Double A Global have Import& Export Right and International Trade Depart, which can be committed to providing professional service to our customer abroad. Through attending exhibitions domestically & abroad, we have learned and developed a lot by communication with our customers. Main products are as following: Parchment Paper Greaseproof Paper Glassine Paper Kraft Paper Butcher paper Specialty Foodstuff Wrapping Paper Acid free tissue paper BBQ Peach papers, also known as Pink/Peach Butcher Kraft Paper Roll, is a sturdy style of butcher paper that is engineered to offer excellent moisture holdout and strength. Peach paper, or pink butcher’s paper, is the beautiful pink paper we see wrapping meats at Barbecue Restaurants and Smokehouses.

Why choose our BBQ Peach papers?

1.Using our butcher paper to wrap meat like brisket prevent it from losing moisture towards to the end of the cooking period.

2.Our pink butcher paper can let the meat “breathe”a little,preventing the meat from textureless mush.

3.Our butcher paper can be used as a part of a”Texas crutch” to avoid dreaded BBQ Peach papers stall.

4.Our butcher paper is made of virgin woodpulp,uncoated,unwaxed,unbleached,100% safe.

5.Our butcher paper is available for 18 inch and 24 inch size for multiple applications.OEM is acceptable.

Description: Premium Peach Paper

Stock: Peach Paper

GSM: 45gsm

Form: Sheets and Rolls

Print: Custom Print Available 1 or 2 color.

There is no wax or polymer coating on the paper. We choose the finest pure virgin pulps to make our paper.

The paper protects the meat from the full assault of the smoker, while its high breathability property allows the steam to escape the wrapping, ensuring a firm crust on your smoked goods.

Strong And Durability of BBQ Paper:

Beautiful natural peach tint has made it an excellent aesthetic choice for serving other types of food such as sandwiches, burgers, and fries etc.

It is highly popular among BBQ professionals for wrapping briskets and other meat for smoking. Although foil is a durable wrapping for smoking, it’s non-porous nature traps steam and moisture which condenses and can ruin the delicious crust on your meat. Our highly porous butcher paper solves these issues by allowing steam to escape while keeping the contents protected from the full assault of the smoker.

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